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Knox Box

The Fire District has a long standing partnership with the KNOX Company for providing safe, secure, Fire Department access into buildings after hours.   Ordering of these devices can be accomplished by the client directly at

Location for installation of these devices should be located to the Left of the Main Entrance to the Structure no lower than 4ft from the ground, and no higher than 6ft off the ground. Once installation is complete.

Keys that are routinely needed

As a rule of thumb, any door that you do not want damaged, many times small emergencies can be the most costly when the Fire Service needs to force entry through a door.  Recommendations for all structures is that the Fire District be provided the following Keys:

  • Master Key to all Units
  • Front Door Key
  • Elevator Control Key
  • Fire Alarm Control Room Key/Key to Alarm Panel
  • Keys to all Mechanical, Electrical, and Storage areas
  • Roof top door
  • Any Keys to areas that are routinely secured

All keys should be clearly labeled and for larger structures and hotels a minimum of (6) sets of keys should be provided.

Existing Knox Box Installations:

These devices with proper care and maintenance can be expected to last up to (30) years.  However, the environment is extremely harsh and requires routine lubrication by property maintenance.  To ensure adequate life span of these devices please routinely engage in manufacturers recommended maintenance of these devices. 

When door or locks are changed, please remember to provide the Fire District a copy of these sets of keys to avoid any potential un-wanted damage should an emergency occur.

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