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About Us

The District began as a volunteer fire department in 1949 by the Beach Improvement Association, Inc. The District incorporated as the Fort Myers Beach Fire Control District in 1950 with an estimated population of only 2,500 residents. Since, the Fort Myers Beach Fire District has become a full-service career and emergency response organization protecting the residents and visitors of this highly sought after and growing location.

The Fort Myers Beach Fire District provides a variety of services to include a multitude of fire suppression activities, Emergency Medical Advanced Life Support (ALS) on all apparatus, ambulance transport, technical rescue, hazardous materials incident response, and a variety of other emergency and non-emergency services.

The District’s annual operating budget is primarily funded through property tax collection, fees for services, and impact fees.

Branches and Divisions

The Fort Myers Beach Fire District is organized into major branches and divisions to achieve the maximum benefit in all aspects of resident and visitor needs. Fort Myers Beach Assistant Chiefs, Directors, and Division Chiefs oversee organizational branches and divisions to include the Operations Branch, Life Safety Branch, and Administrative Branch. All branch and division executives are responsible for overseeing the management of their areas of responsibility while working together in achieving the organization’s operational and administrative goals.

Organizational Structure

The Fort Myers Beach Fire Control District is a Special District of Florida, which operates by the governance and leadership of a five-member Board of Fire Commissioners. The Board of Fire Commissioners are residents of Fort Myers Beach and are elected by the Fort Myers Beach Community to serve the District for a four-year term.  The Board works with the Fire Chief and Administrative staff in establishing vision for the organization, strategic and long range planning objectives, as well as overseeing financial activities.

Org chart

 Our Mission

To honorably serve our community by providing caring, compassionate service through devoted professionals.

Our Vision

The Vision of the Fort Myers Beach Fire Department is to be a best in class organization, shaping our community through excellence in service, changing lives in all that we do.

Our Values

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